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In The Showers:
2003 Fashion Fiesta!!

December 30th, 2003

It's the end of 2003 and thus time for fashion reporters around the world to get their bitch on by listing their least favourite fashion trends. We fashion folk are not all just "haters" at heart. We truly love the men of the NBA and admire them for their daring fashion sense and trend-setting ability.

Bulls GM John Paxson and Magic GM John Gabriel lead the Christmas charity drive at the local mallEast GMs Lobby NBA to Adopt New Season of "Christmas Giving"
December 22nd, 2003

Hoping to capitalize on the spirit of the holiday season, a group of Eastern conference GMs have banded together and assembled a desperate plea to be presented to National Basketball Association commissioner David Stern later today.

The petition contains a very detailed plan that attempts to address the dramatic imbalance of quality between Eastern and Western conference teams, by offering up an extensive series of "corrections" to level the playing field. Many of these proposals have been structured around changes already taking place with next year's realignment, in the hopes that they can be slipped through without further ownership approval.

Arkansas Celtics RallyCeltic Rebuilding Plans Revealed:
White Guys
December 23rd, 2003

Last Monday the Boston Celtics secured their second 6-player trade this season.

Sportswriters across the nation have been baffled by these transactions as they traded away their second-best player, proven all-star Antoine Walker, and now have acquired the talented but notably malcontent Ricky Davis. The crack investigative team at RickBrunson.com analyzed these deals far into the night and have decoded the Celtics' secret plans for success: white guys.

With these two deals the Celtics have acquired Jiri Welsch, Raef LaFrentz and Chris Mihm, who account for 50% of the players gained. Rick Brunson .com contacted the Boston Celtics front office and talked with Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge.
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Tha DrummondsBrunson Recalls Fond Memories at Christmastime
December 22nd, 2003

This week Rick Brunson admitted that this Christmas has been just a little bit more special than ones previous. So many miraculous things have happened recently that Brunson feels especially blessed during this holiday season.

It was just a few weeks ago that Brunson was orphaned at the end of the Raptors bench. A couple of other orphans were there with him but he still felt alone and unwanted. This was still a brand new city for him and the big city has a way of making one feel small. He felt he had nowhere to turn for help despite being racked by injuries that might not just keep him from playing but also permanently stunt his growth.

The Rap-Up
The Rap Up: Game #32
Toronto Raptors 83
Phoenix Suns 73
Toronto 17 - 15
January 4, 2004

By RB.com Minister of Disinformation B-Huge.

This was a scary victory. I don't want to downplay the game and the effort of the Raptors because they deserve praise for a big win. The problem is that after the game all a fan could think about was the status of Chris Bosh's shoulder.
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The Rap Up: Game #31
New Orleans Hornets 86

Toronto Raptors 74
Toronto 16-15

January 2, 2004

By RB.com grinch Old Man Bueale.

I pretty much had this report written before the third quarter even started. I probably could have written it before the game had even tipped-off. Ignoring for a minute some relatively minor problems like the Raptors streaky shooting, undersized personnel, lack of interior defense...
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The Rick Report

Bulls Game #11
Boston Celtics 88
Chicago Bulls 77
Bulls Record Since Brunson Trade: 4 - 7
January 4th, 2004

By Brunson Bench Buddy B-Huge.

Rick Brunson: 4 minutes, 1 assist, 1 turnover. That's all there is to report. What else is there to say? The Bulls went on a 20-2 run in the second quarter without Brunson on the floor but also shot 22% in the second half without any help from Brunson either.

Bulls Game #10
Chicago Bulls 104

New York Knicks 99
Bulls Record Since Brunson Trade: 4 - 6
January 4th, 2004

By Brunson Bench Buddy B-Huge.

Although I couldn't find any verification in the reports of this game, I feel certain that Rick Brunson received a standing ovation from the Madison Square Garden crowd upon his entrance into the stadium.

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